Getting the very best for your budget

Better value

As a guide, Satchwells prices are between 25% - 30% below generic highstreet jewellers. So in addition to stunning custom designs, we offer clients excellent value for money. Each of our rings are hand crafted, hand finished & quality checked to order by our specialist jewellers. We are able to dramatically reduce our overheads because we both design live online and we because we don't hold any inventory or stock. Our efficient business model means we can pass these savings directly on to our clients, offering you the UK's best value custom ring design service. Our prices start from £1000 upwards.

Individual pricing


You have may have noticed that we do not display prices on our website. This is because each piece of jewellery we make is a custom one-off, with unique artwork designed individually for each client. We offer a very different experience to the high street jeweller, offering clients a dedicated design service using the latest design technology.

We'll discuss with you what your target budget is and then, we work with our you to design your bespoke ring in a way that not only fits your budget, but allows you to incorporate the best gemstones & style features to produce a piece that is both stunning and good value. We work with clients within a range of budgets, from a thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. Regardless of your budget, we will be extremely please to work with you to design your idea of perfection.


Total control of your budget


We pride ourselves on keeping clients fully informed throughout the entire design process. The unique way that we design your jewellery in a live environment, means that you can maintain total control of your budget, whatever your design. You can see in real time how altering the size or quality of your diamonds or changing the metal affects your price. Therefore we can tailor all these design elements to create your perfect custom ring.


Choosing which diamonds and gemstones to incorporate into your design may seem daunting. However our friendly expert staff are on-hand to advise you. They are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and will guide you through the selection process, helping you to understand which diamonds and metals will best suite your design and budget.

Custom ring quote

We offer you a fully itemised quotation. During your design appointment we will provide you with a full quotation. This will itemise all the main costs including; the central diamond, begets, gemstones and precious metals chosen. Then we itemise the casting and setting your gemstones, the finishing and hand polishing. Finally the cost of hallmarking and fully insured delivery. See HOW WE WORK

best value brillant round diamonds in bespoke ring
best value custom emerald diamond ring
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