After gaining my diamond jewellery qualifications with The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ,I established Satchwells  in 2009.  I am professionally​ qualified to grade diamonds and enjoy helping clients to understand how to choose the right diamond for their ideal ring.

I have always felt passionately, that all jewellery pieces, should not only reflect a unique style & superb design, they should also compliment your own personal style and story. We work very hard to ensure we design something very special & personal to you or your loved one. A piece that not only meets your budget, but delights you from the day you first set eyes on it, long long into the future.

Many people end up with a piece that is generic and mass produced even if it is from a high end jeweller, some are happy with this while others deep down long for a piece that is a little different, that is bespoke has a bit of their own pizzazz to it.

Satchwells provides a friendly, uncomplicated, unique and fun experience assisting clients to bring together their perfect bespoke piece, using the most advanced jewellery design software which performs real-time 3D changes to your design on screen right in front of your eyes.

Give us a call you will be amazed just how creative you can be.

I really look forward to meeting you.