Guide to diamond shape before you design your own diamond ring
diamond shaps for custom ring designs

Clean, classic, versatile and with more fire and brilliance than just about any other shape, it will be hard to convince anyone against this pick–as proven by the truth it accounts for further than half of all diamonds sold now. (For men wishing to surprise their women and uncertain of what they may like, one could scarcely go wrong here).




Much like the round excellent, the Princess cut is a timeless and refined shape, although with its sharp corners boasts more of the modern edge. This shape is perfect means to capture the splendor and simple sophistication of the round and still be “a la mode”.




Speaking volumes of classic glamour and old world charm, and favoured by such style icons as Grace Kelly and Jackie O, the emerald cut was one of the primary cuts to be utilized in jewellery design, and with its wide level plane highlights the clarity and natural crystalline growth of the diamond to unparalleled measure.




Infamously given to Elizabeth Taylor by two time – husband Richard Burton, the pear, or teardrop as it’s sometimes called, is really a distinctive and feminine shape with one pointed end and one curved which makes for a beautiful and delicate selection.




A square – or rectangular shaped hybrid cut that mixes the depth and magnificence of the round, emerald and princess cuts, the beaming is the most dazzling of each of the shapes making it both a dramatic and beautiful pick.




Somewhere in between the round brilliant along with the pear shape, the oval cut is an ideal alternative in the event you’re wishing to savour the sparkle of the round brilliant in a somewhat rarer and much more elongated form.




The cushion cut is a square or rectangular shape with curved corners, resembling a pillow shape, as its name implies. One of the rarer and much more unique selections, the cushion cut’s big facets allow for great light dispersion, giving birth to a significantly bigger range of spectral colours and making for an extremely scintillating rock.




This symbolic and uncommon cut is the perfect method to wear your heart in your finger, not your sleeve, ever the intimate choice, and there’s absolutely no better method to be in style and in love all at once.




Originally commissioned in 18th century Paris by King Louis XV to emulate the grin of his own mistress the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, the Marquise harkens back to the glory of the age d’or, and is likewise a perfect method to optimise carat weight and elongate the finger.

Radiant shaped diamond for your custom ring
Emerald diamond for your custom ring
Oval shaped diamond for your custom ring
Pear shaped diamond for your custom ring
Heart shaped diamond for your custom ring
Princess diamond for your custom ring
round brilliant diamond for your custom ring
Cushion shaped diamond for your custom ring
Marquise shaped diamond for your custom ring
Classic Diamond Shapes

Every diamond has an unique story, and every woman her own style.

At this point it should be mentioned that the form of a diamond may also be referred to as its “cut”, such as, for instance, a round or princess cut. Still, this shouldn’t be confused with the more widely used term of diamond cut, which describes how well the diamond was polished from the raw material. Confused read on!

Satchwells caters for the wishes of every client and our GIA qualified expert will ensure that you’re well informed about every diamond shape available. Our collection of amazing shapes is accompanied by pictures, comprehensive info and expert recommendations, giving you the background and history, as well as the perfect ratio of every cut. We’re here to help make your choice as simple & fun as possible!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

It is usually said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but maybe less often pointed out that there’s 1 to suit every single sort of “girl.” Every diamond has its very own story and it’s up to you which one you’ll decide to tell yours. In the timeless and versatile round brilliant which accounts for more than half of all diamonds sold now, to the more unusual and bizarre Marquise cut which harkens back to the glory of the age of glamor, selecting a diamond can be just as elaborate a job as choosing the guy who’ll give one to you.

For a change however, it’s not about who but what you know, and what you know about diamond shapes will help you through one of the very critical choices you’ll ever make. But don’t worry we’ll help you create you custom ring design every step of the way. Beyond the truth that each contour especially caters to an individual or personal preference, each one is, in addition, meticulously and mathematically cut to emphasize a diamond’s best attributes, and which lady wouldn’t desire all the best for her trusted partner?