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Designed individually, just for you


Guided by our expert in a fun, relaxed, one to one design meeting, you will experience your custom engagement  ring come to life, designed by you & guided by us.

Rather than choosing from standard high street designs, why not choose a more personalised engagement ring, one that faithfully reflects your true character and relationship, whether classic, contemporary or avant garde.

We are experts at helping to guide couples and especially men buying alone to choose a stunning, custom designed engagement ring. A true one-of-a-kind that will be guaranteed to mean love at first sight.


We'll help you select the perfect diamond for unique engagement ring. Find out MORE about a Satchwells diamond.

Looking for design inspiration?
To begin,  Sally our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified designer will help you discover your design preferences. You can take our fun, interactive design quiz to uncover your perfect style before we start on your made to order engagement design. Alternatively you may have a clear idea of the style you want, so we'll start your design with that in mind.


As both GIA certified diamond specialists and jewellery designers, we can guide you through the process of diamond grading and pricing. With 1000's of professionally graded diamonds available for you to choose from immediately, you can select the quality, size & style of gem that suits you best. 

We're usually around 30% better value than high street prices and you'll always own a unique engagement ring, like no other on earth.
To tease your design tastebuds, why not have a look at just a few of the possibilities and styles for that perfect and unique engagement ring, from our inspiration galleries below. Don't worry if you're overcome by the design choices, we are very experienced at helping clients hone in on their ideal style, whist meeting your budget. 
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Why Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

 An custom engagement ring is a genuine symbol of love and a celebration between you and your partner. The gift of a ring as a promise to wed is a time honoured tradition. 

Satchwells will help you start your perfect beginnings with the unique engagement ring of your dreams. Designed by you as a statement of love to be shown off and admired. You can make your dream design as unique, individual and bespoke as you like.


We’ll show you the possibilities are endless.

Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

Everyone is different with a unique personality and story. You’ll bring unique ideas of what you wish your ideal piece to envisage. Resulting in a fabulous and stylish one of a kind. Designed especially for you. 

This is a unique experience. You’ll have the ease and speed of starting with an existing design outline and then making as many modifications as you wish. One piece enables endless possibilities, allowing you to refine your creative thoughts easily & instantly. SEE HOW IT WORKS


Our diamond engagement ring  design expert will guide you every step. But don’t worry you’ll have full creative & budget control from start to finish.

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a special time and choosing the right ring is part of it. Some people love colour and why not, coloured diamonds are one of the most enchanting, beautiful  and rarest stones ever discovered there is no better time to wear and admire them every day than your engagement.

Satchwells will assist you in choosing the right colour diamond, be it pink, yellow, black white to name but a few and then artistically designing a creation around it to show it off in all its captivating glory.

Coloured Diamonds unquestionably will speak directly to her heart.

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Classic cluster customised engagement ring

Couples today are seeking something more authentic.  

What could be more authentic or offer a more personalised declaration of love than a totally unique engagement ring.